Research Subgroups

WingX was initially organized in discipline-based working groups. In 2011, WingX was structurally re-organized to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and to leverage on the achievements made since the start of the project in 2008. The new multi-scale organizational framework of WingX is focused on the biological system and addresses the different scales at which this system is investigated. Concentrating on the scale and thus on the biological questions naturally combines and integrates the different disciplines - namely biology, physics, engineering and computer science. Therefore, the interdisciplinary WingX subgroups concentrate on specific aspects of the WingX project while having numerous points of contact between each other - based on interdependent approaches, expertise, technologies and datasets.

Biological System: Disc

What are the conditions, tools, and techniques needed to culture and image a developing wing disc in vivo or in vitro over a longer time period?



Global Properties of the System

How do developing organs and tissues match pattern and size? What are the physical properties of the wing disc?



Cellular Properties of the System

How do force sensing signaling pathways and mechanical stress regulate growth and topology of the wing disc epithelium? What is the genetic variation of size?


Cell and Its Parts

What are the quantitative protein expression patterns in distinct compartments in the wing disc over time?