Milestones 2012

  • Biological System: Disc This year's milestones include to establish a defined medium that allow for long-term culture of discs. Moreover, we intend to develop and improve a method to generate new wing disc cell cultures from embryonic primary cultures. Refining the sequential in vivo imaging of discs during development is another task we address in 2012.

  • Global Properties of the System In 2012, the research on scaling and diffusion of morphogen gradients will be continued. We intend to develop techniques to allow for determining the elastic properties of the disc. In addition, a Virtual Wing 3D modelling environment will be discussed.

  • Cellular Properties of the System Currently, physical forces between cells and their role in growth control are being studied. Another task for 2012 includes QTL (Quantitative Trait Loci) mapping of wing traits and artifical selection experiments.

  • Cell and Its Parts This WingX subgroup is focusing on targeted proteomic approaches and on modeling signaling networks. Goals for 2012 include the completion of SRM toolbox and to develop antibodies to obtain 3D resolution of the activity of signaling pathways.

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